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  • Services

The after sale services are one of our strong points. Every customer receives all our support and can always count on our help in every stage of the trading rapport.

From this philosophy come all the services that simplify the before and after stages of trading. More efficiency, more speed and an always available technical support to simplify your work.

Almot 48h

Almot 48h was born to supply an always more efficient service, express delivery within 48h, without any additional cost.

The delivering days are Tuesday and Thursday.

To benefit from the advantages of this delivery modality, the order confirmation has to be sent within the 12.00 am of the shipping’s previous day.

This system is valid just for what concerns orders of standard products, all the customized or out of stock products are excluded.

Help desk

Technical support always available on Skype to clear out any doubt about our Almot products.
Our technical qualified staff will show you all the features of our domotics, awnings and shutters motor types products, and give an answer to every doubt about their use.
Log in with Skype and add us to your contacts: Almot Help Desk.


We realized short tutorials to illustrate the fundamental functions for the management of awnings and shutters motors.
The pictures are a practical and fast system to accomplish precisely all the necessary operations to use all the features of the product at the best.


Almot is always at your fingertips, also on mobile, with the new WhatsApp service.

A number exclusively reserved to the customers who could receive qualified technical support about our products, anywhere and everywhere.

Add our WhatsApp contact in your smartphone: +39 391 3457965