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The contractual relationship concerning the settlement of each order is subject to the following "General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Warranty".


  1. List prices are binding only for immediate acceptance. They may be changed, without prior notice,according to changes in basic indices, raw materials, and/or production costs.
  2. Prices do not include V.A.T., bank charges, and any other tax burdens.
  3. Orders must always be received in writing, complete with unambiguous identification of the buyer and the material ordered.
  4. Order date means the date of receipt and not the date indicated on the document itself.
  5. The order is irrevocable and is considered finalized only after the issuance of the confirmation, which will be completed with all conditions and details of the prices charged and will be sent to the customer for checking and acceptance. Once the order has been confirmed, it cannot be cancelled without the prior written consent of the selling company.
  6. If nothing is received within forty-eight hours of sending the confirmation, it shall be deemed tacitly accepted in all its parts.


  1. Delivery terms, unless explicitly agreed otherwise, are indicative and not binding; in case of late delivery, no damages of any kind are recognized.
  2. A delay in delivery cannot give rise to claims for compensation, damages or interest from the buyer. This also applies to causes of
force majeure, including strikes, lockouts fires, machinery breakdowns, accidents to means of transportation and raw material procurement difficulties, etc.
  1. Any execution changes (duly accepted), requested by the buyer after the order has been confirmed, may result in a delay in the preparation of materials. Under no circumstances can the delay in delivery be blamed on the manufacturer.


  1. The goods travel at the carrier's risk in accordance with Article 1693 of the Civil Code. The buyer must indicate in the order the chosen means of transportation. Failing this, the means of transport will be chosen by the seller, without possibility of complaint.
  2. Goods are always returned ex-works and can be, upon request, returned free at destination with invoice charge.
  3. The purchasing party undertakes to verify the conformity and integrity of the packages sent, in contradiction with the carrier or forwarding agent, indicating any reservations on the transport document.
  4. Any complaints found in item c must be reported within eight days of receipt. Returns of goods are not permitted unless previously agreed upon.


  1. In case of late or irregular payment, the seller reserves the right to charge interest at the legal rate, in addition to charging any incidental expenses. All supplies will be suspended immediately until the overdue debt is collected.
  2. Any payments made by check or bills are considered accepted subject to collection.
  3. Goods sold are understood to be transferred under condition precedent with reservation of dominion until they are paid for in full.


  1. The warranty for defects or faults referred to in Article 1490 of the Civil Code covers gear motors for a period of five years and electronic automatisms for a period of two years from the date of shipment from the factory.
  2. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and is limited to repair or replacement of the part recognized as defective, with no other compensation of any kind or extension of the warranty.
  3. On the part of the manufacturer, returns of goods are not accepted without prior agreement.
  4. Parts replaced under warranty remain the property of the manufacturer.
  5. Shipping costs, even for items repaired under warranty are the responsibility of the buyer both on the outward and return of the products sent.
  6. The guarantee is valid as long as the customer has met the agreed terms of payment, any extensions must be authorized.
  7. The warranty does not cover defects resulting from: normal wear and tear, transportation, failure to comply with assembly diagrams, improper installation, non-compliant use with respect to technical specifications, or inappropriate storage conditions.
  8. The warranty is immediately void if the products are tampered with or used for other purposes or if the gearmotors are used with electrical accessories not approved by our technical service.
  9. The seller assumes no responsibility for direct or indirect damage to persons and property resulting from incorrect electrical and mechanical installation and in any case not in accordance with what is stated in the instruction booklet.
  10. Expenses related to the disassembly and reassembly of material under warranty cannot be taken into account under any circumstances.


  1. If the customer wishes to receive a cost estimate for the repair, this must be specified when requesting a return authorization.
  2. Any repair or replacement will be made within four weeks after receipt of the material at the manufacturer's facility.
  3. In case the item is considered irreparable it will be returned to the customer.
  4. Even if the item has no defect, and is only checked and tested or is considered irreparable the manufacturer will still charge €. 8.00 per item.
  5. Packaging and transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer for both shipment to us and return.


  1. The rights and obligations of the parties are governed by Italian law, and the court of Venice has jurisdiction over any disputes that may arise in connection with the sale of the products.
The data given in these conditions are purely indicative. S.G. Elettronica Srl reserves the right to make any changes to the products it deems necessary.


CE marking is a mark that must be affixed to certain types of products to attest to their compliance (or conformity) with all the EU directives applicable to it. The affixing of the mark is required by law in order to market the product in countries that are members of the European Economic Area. The presence of the CE mark assures consumers that the product has the necessary safety features for use.
The CE (Conformity Essential)symbol indicates that the product complies with the essential requirements of Directives
On safety, public health, consumer protection, etc..


In order to issue the product quality seal, the accredited institute requires that the production process be controlled at all stages according to current regulations from the receipt of semi-finished products to the testing of finished products.
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P.IVA: 02272310273 - R.E.A.: VE 042-30874
Fully paid-up capital €76.500,00
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